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Susan Sullivan—perhaps the most prolific television actress of this generation or any other—joins the podcast in what is truly a personal reunion with Bob & Suzanne.

It’s a free-wheeling, in-depth conversation that will take you from Susan’s Long Island origins to Hollywood’s red carpets. Uniquely candid and straightforward, Susan talks about her childhood dreams of someday becoming an actress...and then details exactly how she made her dreams come true.

With wit, charm, and unabashed talent, it didn’t take Susan Sullivan long to go from college theatricals to the Broadway stage opposite Dustin Hoffman, to a Universal Studios contract and a starring role in television’s daytime soap A World Apart.

In this interview, you’ll hear how Susan—while starring in Another World—learned the lesson of “being prepared” that she has carried her through more than 300 film and television appearances. Her list of credits is far too long to list here (check them out at imdb.com), but they include roles in Midway, The Incredible Hulk, Rich Man, Poor Man, Falcon Crest—where her portrayal of “Maggie Gioberti” won her multiple Soap Opera Digest awards—and most recently as “Martha Rogers” co-starring with Nathan Fillion on ABC-TV’s Castle.

Susan Sullivan candidly shares her personal philosophy about the acting craft and the need for us all to “be in the moment of your life.” What she has to say will inspire anyone with ambitions to excel on any stage of life. Her remarks are far more than “acting tips”; they describe the life journey of an eminently successful, fulfilled artist that serves as a lesson in Life 101.

Perhaps inspired by her life partner psychologist and best-selling author Connell Cowan, Susan emerges as far more than an erstwhile Playboy Bunny who made good as an actress; she’s someone who understands herself and appreciates “the moments” of our lives as few Hollywood stars ever have.

Be sure to visit directly with Susan on her Twitter page (@realSSullivan) where she interacts with the world, shares her opinions, and enjoys her latest role as “the actor as teacher.”

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#52 - Director Ray Austin

You can count on one finger those industry professionals who have transitioned from a career as a stuntman climbing the faces of Mount Rushmore in Hitchcock’s North by Northwest to that of Hollywood’s “go-to” television director.

That man is Ray Austin, whose work as a director includes episodes on every hit TV series from the 1960s to the present day.

In this incredibly entertaining conversation with Bob & Suzanne, Ray shares intimate stories of his wartime childhood and the events leading to his lifelong relationship with legendary film star Cary Grant. You’ll be infused with Ray’s unmatched energy and work ethic as he recalls his early conversation with Alfred Hitchcock that revealed his own ambition to someday replace Hitchcock in the director’s chair.

Ray created and coordinated the amazing stunts for such epics as Cleopatra and Spartacus, and worked as an actor in classic films like The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner. More acting followed in TV series like The Saint and The Avengers, which only whetted his appetite for calling the shots from behind the camera. You’ll hear how Ray’s athletic prowess and charismatic personality were matched by a keen writing ability that soon won him his first directing gigs.

The life and career of Ray Austin—with more than 300 directing credits ranging from The Saint and Black Beauty to Magnum, P.I., The Six Million Dollar Man, Highlander, Spenser: for Hire, and The New Zorro—and with a pantheon of show business celebrity friendships ranging from Cary Grant to TV’s iconic producer Quinn Martin--is nearly the stuff of fiction.

Today, Ray—the bona fide holder of an historic feudal Irish title as The Baron Raymond John DeVere-Austin—is the renowned author of Find Me a Spy, Catch Me a Traitor as well as the Beauford Sloan Mystery Series, a page-turning trilogy which includes The Eagle Heist, Dead Again, and Your Turn to Die (all great reads now available at Amazon.com).

The story of Ray Austin’s life and career is an inspiring and compelling piece of Hollywood history, the likes of which will never be seen again. It’s a conversation you don’t want to miss!

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#51 - John Wilder

Few show business professionals can lay claim to the track record of acclaimed TV writer and author John Wilder.

john wilder author writer

Having amassed hundreds of credits as a writer and producer for his work in radio, television, and film, John is the creative force behind such iconic television fare as Spenser for Hire, Lonesome Dove, The Streets of San Francisco, The Yellow Rose and the epic adaptation of James Michener’s Centennial.

In this informal conversation, you’ll hear how John worked his way into television and film acting, appearing in early teen movies and as a regular guest performer on dozens of shows like Broken Arrow, Wagon Train, and The Real McCoys.

As so often happens in show business, it was a personal connection–this one with Chuck Connors, star of TV’s hit western The Riflemanthat led to his first television writing gig.
From that point on, John wrote and produced some of the most iconic TV series of the era, winning multiple Emmy nominations, the Chicago International Film Festival Award, a pair of Western Heritage awards, and two trips to the winner’s circle at the Writers Guild of America’s Awards.

Listen carefully to this interview, and you’ll hear John outline for you his blueprint for Hollywood success and creative longevity. You’ll also get the inside story on Nobody Dies in Hollywood, John’s gritty debut novel–a compelling and rapid-fire read that rubs the reality of headline crimes against the underbelly of Hollywood at its glitzy best and introduces a uniquely contemporary hero into the literary private detective genre.

john wilder novel nobody dies in hollywood

This candid interview tells the unique story of John Wilder, a man who has literally “led three lives” with careers as an actor, producer-writer, and now as a major novelist. He’s truly a remarkable talent, and hearing him tell his own story is both entertaining for fans of his work and inspiring for those hoping to follow in his footsteps.

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In this informal and highly personal conversation with Bob & Suzanne, Lorenzo Lamas shares intimate stories of his childhood as the son of legendary movie stars Fernando Lamas and Arlene Dahl and as the stepson of MGM super-star Esther Williams.

lorenzo lamas fernando lamas esther williams

Lorenzo with stepmom Esther Williams & dad Fernando Lamas

You’ll hear what life was like as a boy growing up in the shadow of his parents’ showbiz fame…and how he transformed himself from a chubby teen to a genuine Hollywood heartthrob.

Lorenzo tells fascinating stories of his years bouncing around between schools in New York and California, and of the day he told his father he wanted to become an actor. An impromptu “audition” for his movie star parents soon had him studying at the famed Tony Barr Film Actors Workshop.

It wasn’t long before Lorenzo was cast in small TV roles and found himself playing alongside John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in Grease.

Lorenzo’s rising profile as an actor soon led to a long list of guest roles on hot TV shows like Switch, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, and Hotel.

But it was Lorenzo’s audition for the role of “Lance Cumson” on CBS-TV’s Falcon Crest that shot him to stardom working with family friend Jane Wyman.

As the only Falcon Crest cast member to appear in all 227 episodes, Lorenzo shares a unique perspective on the series.

During this interview, Lorenzo reveals how he was cast by Stephen J. Cannell as “Reno Raines” in Renegade, a starring role that captured his true persona.

Lorenzo also shares details here about his new autobiography, Renegade at Heart, and reveals his feelings about life as a “reality” TV star as well as his love of performing in live theater, where he’s had starring roles in The King and I, The Fantasticks, and A Chorus Line.

Lorenzo Lamas—martial arts black belt, professional helicopter pilot (wait until you hear about that!), published author, acclaimed TV-film-stage actor—is today’s definition of a true Hollywood Renaissance Man! 

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Gregory Harrison’s commitment to his acting craft runs strong and deep.

In this insightful interview, Greg tells a story that takes us from his life as a dinner theatre bar bouncer-actor to acting classes at the Stella Adler Academy, to early roles that took him to the pinnacle of TV, film, and stage stardom.

You’ll hear how Greg went from working as an “extra” on The Harrad Experiment—where he and Suzanne first met—and how dedication to learning his craft eventually led to guest starring roles on TV shows like Barnaby Jones, Wonder Woman, and M*A*S*H.   Greg’s lifelong love of surfing was used to great advantage when he played “Chandler” in the iconic North Shore...a role that established him as both an actor and as a true “water man.”

But it was his starring role in Universal’s Logan’s Run alongside actress Heather Menzies that truly propelled Greg into the pantheon of leading men. Greg’s enthusiasm for acting is obvious as he recalls his role in Centennial and the experience of co-starring in the landmark series Trapper John, M.D. It’s a wide-ranging conversation as Greg and Bob share “notes” about Greg’s role of “Michael Sharpe” on the last season of Falcon Crest, which leads to Greg’s thoughts about the state of film and television acting today.

With hundreds of television, movie, and legitimate theatre performances to his credit (The Gathering, The Women’s Room, Dark Skies, Au Pair, CSI, Rizzoli & Isles, Fair Haven), Greg Harrison’s career is the reflection of a man who is far more than just an actor or a “Hollywood celebrity.” He’s also an award-winning theatrical producer (more than 60 plays) and as the driving force behind his Catalina Productions.

A devoted family man—he’s married to Chips star Randi Oakes—Greg Harrison has achieved unparalleled success on every level. In this interview, you’ll learn that it’s all come as the product of intelligence, discipline, creative instincts, and hard work. Greg share’s his insights about the craft, career, and business of acting, revealing a man of many dimensions continuing to carry his talent and celebrity with exceptional grace.

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#40 - Greg Evigan

Actor Greg Evigan—best known as the star of the hit TV shows B.J. and the Bear and My Two Dads—has an intimate conversation with Bob & Suzanne that reveals a singular talent and a genuine commitment for all things “showbiz”.

greg evigan bj and the bear

B.J. and the Bear: stardom!

Greg shares his experiences as a fledgling actor and singer auditioning for Broadway’s Jesus Christ Superstar while still in high school.  He talks about “heading to Hollywood” to make it as an actor, only to find the struggle frustrating and creatively unrewarding.  You’ll hear about the day he had his car packed up, ready to hit the road and head back home, when he got a fateful call from a casting director who pleaded with him to go on just one last audition.  Maybe it was because he had practically given up “caring” about Hollywood, but that off-the-cuff persona of his won him the role of “B.J. McKay” in what would become a major NBC-TV series watched by millions of viewers every week, B.J. and the Bear.  Greg Evigan soon found himself becoming an international “teen idol” and an in-demand actor with all the unpredictable realities faced by anyone seeking a career in Hollywood.

A consummate musician and vocalist, Greg wrote and performed the hit TV show theme songs for My Two Dads, P.S. I Luv U, and B.J. and the Bear. Throughout the podcast, you’ll hear cuts of Greg singing You Can Count on Me, Talk to Me, and Slow Down.

Greg Evigan remains a genuine “leading man” with an active performing and recording career.  You’ll find inspiration and wisdom as he tells a candid tale of navigating a dynamic Hollywood career landscape.  It's a great story you won’t want to miss!

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Barry Katz is Hollywood’s premier talent manager, with a client list that reads like The Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In this intimate conversation, you’ll hear how Elvis Presley was a factor in developing Barry’s amazing work ethic…and how, even as a child, his creative instincts and empathetic nature made him the “everything’s gonna be okay guy”.



As you listen to Barry talk, you’ll come to know firsthand and intimately the remarkable character of Barry Katz, a thought leader and entertainment industry icon like no other.

This is a compelling conversation with a unique, gifted guy and a talent manager like none other in Hollywood.

If you're an actor, a comic, a writer, a director, a producer...or just have those "Hollywood Dreams," you don’t want to miss this one.

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Lisa London joins Bob & Suzanne and delivers a message every actor needs to hear!

Lisa is the daughter of Jerry London, one of Hollywood’s legendary television directors.  She grew up on her dad’s sets surrounded by major Hollywood stars. It was there that she found her show business inspiration.

In her teens, Lisa realized she had a unique instinct for spotting talent.  After working as a production assistant, she landed an apprenticeship with Lynn Stalmaster and Toni Howard, two of Hollywood's most legendary casting directors.  In classic work-your-way-up-from-the-bottom Hollywood fashion, Lisa ultimately joined with Catherine Stroud to build London-Stroud Casting, now a respected resource for studios, directors, and producers who are looking for the “special someone.”

After more than two decades casting for major studios like Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions, as well as for every major broadcast network, London-Stroud has been consistently responsible for discovering young acting talent and putting them on the road to stardom.  It was Lisa’s keen eye for talent that tapped Myley Cyrus for her showbiz debut as Hanna Montana, cast Jennifer Aniston in her first feature film, and brought superstars like Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, Jonah Hill, and Selena Gomez to the public’s attention.

In this interview, you’ll hear how Lisa came to write From Start to Stardom – The Casting Director’s Guide for Aspiring Actors, a serious step-by-step roadmap to breaking into and thriving in the Hollywood acting scene.  She also talks about the realities of casting sessions and the necessity to “make a choice” as an actor, and shares her tips for a successful professional audition.

If you’ve ever dreamed of an acting career…if you truly want that starring role…you’ll want to hear Lisa London as she shares her passion.  

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#21 - "Transformers" Writer Ron Friedman

Ron Friedman is one of Hollywood's most prolific and celebrated television writers of all time. Join this raucous “live” conversation over lunch in the busy outdoor patio at Caffé Roma in Beverly Hills as Ron talks about working with show business  legends like longtime friend Stan Lee, the creator of X-Men,Spider Manand Iron Man.

With more than 700 TV and movie scripts to his name on shows like Get Smart, Bewitched, The Odd Coupleand Charlie’s Angels, Ron shares his secrets to entering the rarified atmosphere of professional film and television writing…as well as some practical tips for surviving on a rigorously competitive career path.
If you want the real “inside story” of life as a successful Hollywood writer, this is it. 
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tab hunter gunman's walk

Actor Tab Hunter may be Hollywood’s purest definition of “genuine screen legend”…but he’s much more than just an actor.

In this exclusive conversation, Tab openly shares details of a childhood that set him off on a true journey of self-discovery, worldwide celebrity, and spiritual awareness.

Tab reveals details of his early career as an actor alongside Natalie Wood andJames Dean as the last of the studio system’s “contract players” and as Warner Bros. Studios’ top grossing star throughout the 1950s and 60s.

Tab Hunter is not just “another actor” with an amazing list of credits. He’s a dynamic creative force and an inspiring example for us all.  If you have any dreams of a Hollywood career...you'll want to listen to these words of wisdom!

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