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#27 Producing "by the numbers" with Dennis Brown

Suzanne and Bob reveal the latest news about their new book, Where Hollywood Hides: Santa Barbara Celebrities in Paradise,

and then talk to award-winning Hollywood producer Dennis Brown.

Dennis tells a uniquely personal story that saw him go from “small town boy” to a studio accounting department,

and then to the pinnacle of Hollywood success...with career highlights along the way that include

getting hired by Grant Tinker (who would later build MTM Productions with his wife Mary Tyler Moore),

surviving the destruction of United Artists Studio by  Michael Cimino's Heaven’s Gate,

and eventually being nominated for an Emmy.

During the course of his amazing career, Dennis has supervised multiple Academy Award and

Emmy Award-winning projects, has shot film on every continent on the planet. 

The major stars he’s worked with include Jerry Seinfeld, Lindsay Wagner, Farrah Fawcett,

Liza Minelli, Tom Selleck, Burt Lancaster, Peter Fonda, Leonard Nimoy...

and  in this interview, you’ll learn which actor holds a special place in his heart.


While sharing the one-work "key" to becoming a successful independent movie producer,

in a candid and emotional moment Dennis reveals what has truly mattered most to him

in building his career.  Throughout the interview, you’ll hear what it takes to plan a Hollywood career and

how “the Hollywood dream” can become a reality.


It’s an easy-going intimate conversation about an incredible life working

behind the scenes in Hollywood...and one you won’t forget!

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