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#31 David Gray: From The Kinks & Steeley Dan to The Oscars

From his early days in small town New England as an "electronics nerd", always tinkering with the family record player and stereo receiver, David Gray's professional career began as the guy repairing damaged speakers at the local drive-in movie theater for pocket change piecemeal wages.  David was an entrepreneurial "hippy" in college, promoting campus concerts and booking up-and-coming folk singers and rock bands...who all depended on his sound system technical skills.  While still in college, 19-year old David found himself on a national tour with The Kinks, where one of his jobs was repairing the band's beer-drenched sound gear. In this podcast, you'll learn what it takes to actually make a world-wide Rock & Roll tour a reality, as David recalls his gigs as concert tour sound engineer for Mahuvishnu Orchestra, Steely Dan, Linda Rondstadt, The Kinks, and Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention. David tips his hat to the live performance talents of  The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and shares the reason why they were so great in concert. With "life on the road" behind him, David was one of the early engineers drafted by Dolby Sound just as Star Wars put the company on the map.  He then found himself working on movies ranging from Sex, Lies, and Videotape and 200 Motels to mega-hits Die Hard, Flashdance, Footloose, and Predator. Always at the intersection of talent and technology, David has been recognized by The Motion Picture Academy as one of the industry's leading innovators in bringing film sound and music into the 21st Century.   David shares details of the recent introduction of Dolby's Atmos  and true "3D sound" to movie theaters around the world,  and gives genuine inspiration to anyone looking to break into the tech world of "movie sound".

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Bob & Suzanne have a candid and free-wheeling conversation with

Paul Petersen, once a child actor and pop music teen idol,

now a prominent social activist and prolific novelist, and the

driving force behind "A Minor Consideration" working on

behalf of young performers everywhere.


Breaking into show business as one of the original

Mousketeers on Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club, Petersen went on to

a co-starring role on one of the most iconic television series of all time,

The Donna Reed Show, playing what he describes as

“the classic gap-toothed wisecracking younger brother”.


Paul recalls the professional acting lessons he learned performing

opposite movie greats Cary Grant and Sophia Loren in Houseboat,

and then from Emmy-winner Carl Betz and Oscar-winner Donna Reed

on The Donna Reed Show. 

He then shares the gritty real-world of Hollywood studio casting

when The Donna Reed Show went off the air after eight years,

and he suddenly went from young star to struggling actor. 


Articulate and painfully honest, Paul pulls no punches,

telling his story with compelling intelligence and honesty. 

You won’t forget hearing about the day that Hollywood legend

Mickey Rooney literally showed up unannounced at his doorstep

to give him the keys to a successful and fulfilling life.


What follows is a story of strength, stamina, and

personal transformation.  The lessons Paul Petersen shares

on this podcast should be heard by every “stage mother”

and by all talented kids with dreams of

making “the bigtime” in Hollywood.


This is the story of a "kid with talent" who became

an iconic television star and international teen idol...

and then walked into the halls of academe and a career as

a novelist and social activist.  It's a tale as dramatic and compelling as

any of Paul's TV and movie roles...and it’s rooted in

the bottom-line reality of show business.


If you’ve ever worked in the entertainment industry...or if

you have dreams of someday breaking into television,

movies, or music at the professional level, this interview with

Paul Petersen is no to be missed! 

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