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#51 - John Wilder

Few show business professionals can lay claim to the track record of acclaimed TV writer and author John Wilder.

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Having amassed hundreds of credits as a writer and producer for his work in radio, television, and film, John is the creative force behind such iconic television fare as Spenser for Hire, Lonesome Dove, The Streets of San Francisco, The Yellow Rose and the epic adaptation of James Michener’s Centennial.

In this informal conversation, you’ll hear how John worked his way into television and film acting, appearing in early teen movies and as a regular guest performer on dozens of shows like Broken Arrow, Wagon Train, and The Real McCoys.

As so often happens in show business, it was a personal connection–this one with Chuck Connors, star of TV’s hit western The Riflemanthat led to his first television writing gig.
From that point on, John wrote and produced some of the most iconic TV series of the era, winning multiple Emmy nominations, the Chicago International Film Festival Award, a pair of Western Heritage awards, and two trips to the winner’s circle at the Writers Guild of America’s Awards.

Listen carefully to this interview, and you’ll hear John outline for you his blueprint for Hollywood success and creative longevity. You’ll also get the inside story on Nobody Dies in Hollywood, John’s gritty debut novel–a compelling and rapid-fire read that rubs the reality of headline crimes against the underbelly of Hollywood at its glitzy best and introduces a uniquely contemporary hero into the literary private detective genre.

john wilder novel nobody dies in hollywood

This candid interview tells the unique story of John Wilder, a man who has literally “led three lives” with careers as an actor, producer-writer, and now as a major novelist. He’s truly a remarkable talent, and hearing him tell his own story is both entertaining for fans of his work and inspiring for those hoping to follow in his footsteps.

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