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Mar 2, 2016

Actor Greg Evigan—best known as the star of the hit TV shows B.J. and the Bear and My Two Dads—has an intimate conversation with Bob & Suzanne that reveals a singular talent and a genuine commitment for all things “showbiz”.

greg evigan bj and the bear

B.J. and the Bear: stardom!

Greg shares his experiences as a fledgling actor and singer auditioning for Broadway’s Jesus Christ Superstar while still in high school.  He talks about “heading to Hollywood” to make it as an actor, only to find the struggle frustrating and creatively unrewarding.  You’ll hear about the day he had his car packed up, ready to hit the road and head back home, when he got a fateful call from a casting director who pleaded with him to go on just one last audition.  Maybe it was because he had practically given up “caring” about Hollywood, but that off-the-cuff persona of his won him the role of “B.J. McKay” in what would become a major NBC-TV series watched by millions of viewers every week, B.J. and the Bear.  Greg Evigan soon found himself becoming an international “teen idol” and an in-demand actor with all the unpredictable realities faced by anyone seeking a career in Hollywood.

A consummate musician and vocalist, Greg wrote and performed the hit TV show theme songs for My Two Dads, P.S. I Luv U, and B.J. and the Bear. Throughout the podcast, you’ll hear cuts of Greg singing You Can Count on Me, Talk to Me, and Slow Down.

Greg Evigan remains a genuine “leading man” with an active performing and recording career.  You’ll find inspiration and wisdom as he tells a candid tale of navigating a dynamic Hollywood career landscape.  It's a great story you won’t want to miss!