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Apr 14, 2016

Gregory Harrison’s commitment to his acting craft runs strong and deep.

In this insightful interview, Greg tells a story that takes us from his life as a dinner theatre bar bouncer-actor to acting classes at the Stella Adler Academy, to early roles that took him to the pinnacle of TV, film, and stage stardom.

You’ll hear how Greg went from working as an “extra” on The Harrad Experiment—where he and Suzanne first met—and how dedication to learning his craft eventually led to guest starring roles on TV shows like Barnaby Jones, Wonder Woman, and M*A*S*H.   Greg’s lifelong love of surfing was used to great advantage when he played “Chandler” in the iconic North Shore...a role that established him as both an actor and as a true “water man.”

But it was his starring role in Universal’s Logan’s Run alongside actress Heather Menzies that truly propelled Greg into the pantheon of leading men. Greg’s enthusiasm for acting is obvious as he recalls his role in Centennial and the experience of co-starring in the landmark series Trapper John, M.D. It’s a wide-ranging conversation as Greg and Bob share “notes” about Greg’s role of “Michael Sharpe” on the last season of Falcon Crest, which leads to Greg’s thoughts about the state of film and television acting today.

With hundreds of television, movie, and legitimate theatre performances to his credit (The Gathering, The Women’s Room, Dark Skies, Au Pair, CSI, Rizzoli & Isles, Fair Haven), Greg Harrison’s career is the reflection of a man who is far more than just an actor or a “Hollywood celebrity.” He’s also an award-winning theatrical producer (more than 60 plays) and as the driving force behind his Catalina Productions.

A devoted family man—he’s married to Chips star Randi Oakes—Greg Harrison has achieved unparalleled success on every level. In this interview, you’ll learn that it’s all come as the product of intelligence, discipline, creative instincts, and hard work. Greg share’s his insights about the craft, career, and business of acting, revealing a man of many dimensions continuing to carry his talent and celebrity with exceptional grace.