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Sep 25, 2014

From television, to movies, to hit records...Shelley Fabares has

done it all, and she continues to do so with unmatched

grace, humility, and instinctive talent. 

One of Hollywood’s most enduring and  beloved leading ladies,

Shelley openly shares the details of her childhood as a

department store “fashion model”, and how that led to her first

television appearance at the age of 10.

In constant onscreen demand from an early age, she appeared in more

than 50 television series, from early classics like Annie Oakley to

her breakthrough role on The Donna Reed Show.

Shelley shares memories of her eight years playing “Mary Stone”

and working closely with TV legends Donna Reed, Paul Petersen,

and Carl Betz, and then describes the unique experience of

becoming an international teen idol with the release of

her #1 hit recording of Johnny Angel. 

As the only female co-star to appear in three of Elvis Presley's

movies (Clambake, Girl Happy and Spinout), Shelley describes

what it was like meeting “the King” for the first time...and how

she still thinks of him as her “favorite leading man”.

Shelley then goes on to recount her adult life as an actress on

shows like Love, American Style, The Rockford Files, and Fantasy Island

and her professional joy working opposite James Caan in the era’s

most memorable television movie, Brian’s Song.

This is an intimate, open-hearted dialogue with a legendary actress as

she shares the realities of Hollywood’s type-casting in the Sixties

while giving us a real sense of the personal and professional values

that brought her years of success on major hits like

One Day at a Time and Coach. 

It's an engaging conversation with a truly

classy lady as she reveals the personal side of

the Hollywood "actor's life" that you won’t want to miss!