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The episode opens with an audio-clip tease of things to come...

and if you’ve never heard of “Radio XERB”, you’re about to get

a real lesson in the early days of Rock n’ Roll!

Suzanne opens the show with “movie news” about this season’s classic sci-fi

monster flick Godzilla starring Ken Watanabe (Suzanne’s fave) and Bryan Cranston (Bob’s fave)

revealing the tongue-in-cheek contemporary “take” on it.

Bob then jumps into the heart of the episode with his questionable vocal impression of

one of the world’s true broadcasting originals, the inimitable

Wolfman Jack. 

After sharing their personal experiences with the early world of “outlaw radio”,

Suzanne and Bob deliver some amazing sound clips from The Wolfman himself and his

professional inspiration, early Rock ‘n Roll’s most powerful and popular

disc jockey (before he got busted for his involvement in assorted “payola” schemes),

the incredibly fast-talking “Moondog” Allan Freed.

Uniquely shrouded in well-planned “mystery”, Wolfman Jack’s persona

was first revealed to the world in George Lucas’ classic American Graffiti.

Bob and Suzanne share even more about this gravely-voiced legend as they describe

what it was like working side-by-side with him in a fast-paced studio environment

perpetually clouded in marijuana smoke.

Throughout the episode, classic music clips from The Miracles, KC & the Sunshine Band,

blues legend Howlin’ Wolf, and The Rolling Stones help tell the story of

the era’s most iconic, innovative, and well-loved radio star...as we

pull back the curtain to reveal the real man (and his actual name)  behind

Wolfman Jack.

In the words of Wolfman Jack himself, time to “get your boogie on, baby!”

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